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Founded in 1999, the Elite 11 is the premier quarterback event in the nation, bringing together the nation’s top signal callers each offseason to compete and improve their skill set both on and off-the-field.


This spring, the Elite 11 is bringing the top-notch training and instruction that has been available for 20+ years to the nation’s top rising senior quarterbacks, and also making it accessible to younger quarterbacks driven to be their best at Elite 11 Academy.

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The Elite 11 Academy cost $799 and is open to Class of 2025, 2026, 2027, and 2028 quarterbacks, May 27th - 29th, 2022 in Nashville, TN. Participants will enjoy an immersive three-day curriculum that features instruction by some of the top quarterback coaches in the nation. Participants will also receive custom Nike Elite 11 Academy apparel each day.

NASHVILLE MAY 27th - 29th, 2022




The Elite 11 Academy events cost $249 and are open to Class of 2025, 2026, and 2027 quarterbacks at nine locations this spring. Participants will enjoy a five-hour curriculum that features position-specific instruction from some of the top quarterback coaches  and mentors in the nation. Participants will also receive an Elite 11 workout shirt and hat.


Elite 11 event alumni include 26 of the 32 current NFL starting quarterbacks, and 14 of the past 15 quarterbacks who have hoisted the Heisman Trophy.



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Q: Who attends The Elite 11 QB Academy and what is their purpose?
A: The Elite 11 QB Academy events are designed to help younger quarterbacks who are driven to succeed advance their football and training knowledge in order to maximize their ability. Participants are taught QB-specific and athletic performance drills designed by some of the top quarterback coaches and sports performance specialists in America. The players will have an opportunity to work with The Elite 11 coaching staff that have helped mold stars such as Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Jared Goff, Tua Tagovailoa and many, many more. 


Q: I see an Elite 11 Academy event listed May 27-29 in Nashville, TN and then also have heard of the Elite 11 Academy events that are across the country in the spring. What is the difference?
A: The three-day Elite 11 Academy event(s) contains a deeper curriculum and is $799 to attend. The one-day Elite 11 Academy events are five hours and cost $249 to attend. We hope to schedule additional three-day Elite 11 Academy events throughout the year and will update the website and post alerts on social media when any additions to the Elite 11 Academy schedule are made.

Q: How does a player get registered to attend an Elite 11 QB Academy?
A: The Elite 11 QB Academy three-day event is $799 but space is limited in order to maximize the experience for all involved. Registration is open to all quarterbacks who are in the Class of 2025, 2026, 2027, and 2028. The Elite 11 QB Academy one-day events are $199 with limited space and are open to all quarterbacks who are in the Class of 2025, 2026, and 2027. Simply proceed to the registration link on the Elite 11 QB Academy page and signup now to confirm your spot!

For more information regarding 2022 Elite 11 QB Academy events, please contact Brian Stumpf.
Q: What is the difference between the Elite 11 Regional Camps and the Elite 11 Academy events?
A: The Elite 11 QB Academy events are instructional and developmental-based events open to all younger quarterbacks in the graduating classes of 2025-2028 and have a specific curriculum tailored towards that age group. The Elite 11 QB regionals are designed for the nation’s top quarterbacks in the Class of 2023 with a few outstanding underclassmen as well, to both compete and learn while being evaluated for an opportunity to be selected for the Elite 11 finals. For more information on the Elite 11 QB Regional events click here.

Q: What will I be tested in? 
A: There is no athletic testing (40-yard dash, etc.) at the Elite 11 QB Academy event.

Q: What are other benefits in attending the Elite 11 QB Academy?
A: The Elite 11 QB Academy will bring top-level instruction to you and that should always first and foremost be the reason to attend. But another great benefit is meeting and working next to other similarly driven and motivated QBs in your class, and starting to build your network within the “QB Fraternity” that exists nationwide and through the Elite 11 coaching and administrative staff and alumni. 

Q: Can a bad performance at The Elite 11 QB Academy hurt my stock?
A: No, definitely not! The Elite 11 QB Academy events are about getting better and learning. Bottom line, this is a top-of-the-line, well-organized event that any quarterback in the graduating classes 2025-2027 can attend and learn from the best. 

Q: During registration, my high school is not listed, what should I do?
A: If you do not see your school on the list of high schools after selecting the school state, you can request to have your school added to the list. If you are still a middle school student, please select the high school you are planning to attend. Please complete and state, and the event the athlete registered to attend. To report a missing school and/or have your school updated, please click here now!

​Q: Can I go to The Elite 11 QB Academy to watch?
A: It depends on the venue and also Covid-19 safety protocols at the respective host facilities. We must keep the fields safe for all participants however we will do our best to provide as much viewing room as possible.

Q: I would like to volunteer as a coach or event helper. Where can I sign up? 
A: Email Eugene Jackson ( if interested in working an Elite 11 event.

Q: I am from a media outlet and I’d like to come to an Elite 11 event. Do I need to pre-register to attend?
A: Yes, media outlets must pre-register and be pre-approved before coming to the Elite 11 Academy and Regionals. Email Kirsten Leetch ( to request media credentials..