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Cancelled bets: when they occur and keys to take into account

What happens when a sporting event we have bet on is suspended? Although we should differentiate between postponement (to another date) and suspension (not played), it is a very common doubt among bettors since after all their money is at stake, and surely the conditions are not the same from one match to another: there are players who recover, who get injured, sanctions, teams' tendencies are reversed... So let's solve what happens with cancelled or void bets.

Cancelled bets

Whenever we place a bet we do it convinced that it will go ahead and the event will be held, we do not think about a possible suspension or postponement of the match or race. Nor do we think that the bookmaker is going to act ex officio by canceling the bet, although it is true that we can often sense errors in the odds. However, chance also plays a very important role in our bets and in the same way that it can be decisive for the outcome of the bet, it can also intervene in its resolution.

We can find up to six different scenarios where our bet is cancelled, so that we cannot resolve it as a winner or loser. We are talking about events that for whatever reason (security, weather, illness, problems with the schedule, coronavirus,...) have to be postponed to another date or end up suspended, void bets on completed events, bets where one of the opponents abandons or does not participate, void selections in combined bets, invalid bets or errors in the odds; situations in which the user does not lose his bet.

1 Postponed events

Every bookmaker is different, and what we should do is read the bookmaker's terms and conditions, the fine print. Although we must take into account the bookmaker and the sport we have bet on, there are a number of variables to take into account. For example, there are bookmakers that apply the "three-day rule": keep bets on postponed events if they are played in the next 72 hours.

If the bet cannot be completed within this period, it implies the cancellation of the bitcoin casino software, so that we get our money back. Technically, it is as if we were talking about a void bet. In this way, the user recovers the money bet on an event that does not take place or that it is not known when it will take place or under what conditions (stadium, weather, physical condition of the athletes, etc.). It is the same thing that many bookmakers do with abandonments in tennis, the bet is canceled and we recover the money.

2 Void bets

At this point, it is worth taking a look at our glossary and remembering what a void bet is. We speak of a void bet when the bet cannot be settled. We have just seen bets on events that have not been played, but we can also find void bets on events that do finish, for example Asian handicaps or bets on goal scorers if the player in question has not played. Void bets are settled by returning the stake to the player.

3 Withdrawals

In individual sports such as tennis or badminton, a bet can be cancelled or suspended in the middle of a match: it starts raining, there is no light, a player drops out.... Each bookmaker acts differently. Some bookmakers cancel the bet (William Hill, Interwetten, Paston), others are based on the first set and others go further and compute the last ball played. At the risk of being repetitive, the house's T&Cs indicate what happens to tennis bets if a tennis player quits.

The world of motor racing deserves a special mention. As a general rule, when a motorcyclist or a Formula 1 driver quits, we lose the bet. However, we must take into account exceptional situations such as a race finished with a red flag, where bets are considered complete since we have official classification, or drivers who do not race because they are injured in training or do not reach the minimum qualifying time. In case of betting on a driver who finally does not run, the bet is void and we get our money back.

4 Nil bets with combined bets

We can also find ourselves in the situation where we have included the suspended match or event in a combined bet with other events that have taken place. Again, the terms and conditions of each bookmaker must be consulted, but it is usual to declare this selection void. Thus, a combined bet with four matches of which only three have been played will become a combined bet with three selections.

5 Invalid bets

They are probably the least common case, but there may be technical errors that lead the bookmaker to invalidate the bet, declaring it void. As we say, it is very rare that this happens, and the examples are few. They can occur when we make a combined bet on two incompatible markets in the same event, for example "Both score and -1.5 goals" using the Create Bet function, when a team is not well identified or if a competition is modified, as happens in the tennis masters when a substitute player appears to take the place of one who has withdrawn.

6 Errors in the odds

Beyond suspensions and postponements, we can find that the bookie itself cancels the bet. Many times they are due to problems in the odds, some more striking than others. We try to bet taking advantage of the value offered, but before the event is played, the bet is cancelled. We can also find bookies that recalculate the odds, which can be worse for the user because he does not find so much value in the bet. That is why it is important, when we can, to indicate that we do not accept downward odds changes.

We cannot overlook the fact that when we register with a bookmaker we accept a series of terms and conditions including bet cancellations and cancellations. It is the information that we never read, but where we accept that bookmakers can operate in the way they see fit.

We can even find that they cancel a bet that has already been paid, and we cannot do anything about it. The web is full of cases of this type, and by accepting the T&C we are "sold", so we should inform ourselves of how the bookie acts in certain situations before we start betting.

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